Christiane’s Story

A Symphony of Talent and Versatility

From the vibrant corridors of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to the dynamic classrooms of Texas Christian University, Christiane’s journey in the world of music and voice has been nothing short of remarkable. A classically trained vocalist, her passion for the arts has seamlessly intertwined with her academic pursuits, crafting a foundation as solid as it is melodious.

Music and singing have been the constants in Christiane’s life, accompanying her through diverse cultural landscapes—from the rich traditions of Ghana to the historic streets of London, the vibrant cityscapes of Montreal, and the unique environment of Saudi Arabia. These experiences have not only shaped her worldview but have also enriched her musical repertoire. Christiane’s ability to sing in French, Spanish, and Italian is a testament to her global upbringing and her deep connection to the cultures that have been part of her journey. This linguistic versatility allows her to bring a unique authenticity and emotional depth to her performances, transcending language barriers and touching the hearts of a global audience.

In an unexpected twist, Christiane’s voice found a new stage amidst the sands of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. While working as a financial analyst for the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO), she lent her voice to the airwaves, narrating the UPI radio news and the day’s television schedule, her voice becoming a familiar presence across the Persian Gulf. This unique chapter in her career marked the beginning of a flourishing voice-over journey that would take her from the heart of Texas to the sunny shores of California.

Upon her return to the United States, Fort Worth, Texas became the backdrop for her burgeoning voice-over career. Here, Christiane’s voice graced numerous radio commercials for a leading Dallas advertising agency and a major radio station, further expanding her repertoire to include short documentary films and on-camera appearances in TV commercials. Her move to California in January 2000 opened new avenues, with significant voice-over contributions to KMIR6 TV (NBC) and KPSP Local 2 (CBS). Showcasing her versatility and professionalism, she also has an uncanny ability to create unique character voices and accents, breathing life into any role she takes on.

Inviting you to experience the breadth of her talent, Christiane’s demo and on-camera work are a testament to her professional journey and artistic versatility. A multilingual, classically trained singer and experienced voice-over artist, Christiane embodies a unique blend of cultural richness and artistic excellence, making her a distinguished figure in the world of voice and music.

In every note sung and every word spoken, Christiane brings a story to life, her career a testament to the power of voice in connecting worlds and touching hearts.

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Palm Desert, CA 92260

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