Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Christiane Joubert. A unique artist whose musical repertoire bridges souls and cultures.

Her versatility shines through as she effortlessly transitions between genres, from the timeless elegance of classical music to the contemporary beats of today's hits.

Modeling from 2006

This magical journey of music spans the globe. Christiane brings us songs chosen from an international palette and sings many in their original, native language. Yet it is more than simply geographical distances she covers. It’s also about the emotional landscapes she navigates with her audience and the diverse, rich cultures she explores.


Join Christiane on this musical odyssey, and let her melodies transport you to a place where music knows no boundaries, and every note is a step on an unforgettable voyage.

Recent concert 2024


Demo: Live at Scampi's

by Christiane Joubert with Carl Brooks | South Padre Island, TX 1995-1998"

All I Ask of You

by Christiane Joubert Live with Paul Brass | South Padre Island, TX 1998

Spanish Eyes

by Christiane Joubert Live with Paul Brass | South Padre Island, TX 1998

Over the Rainbow

by Christiane Joubert Live with Paul Brass and Keith DiSantis | South Padre Island, TX 1998


Singing with dear friend, the incomparable Doug Montgomery, at Vicky’s of Santa Fe, Indian Wells, CA. 2007

Performing (with Carl Brooks) at the Radisson Resort, S. Padre Island, TX 1995

New Year’s Eve with musical partner, Carl Brooks – Scampi’s, S. Padre Island, TX 1997

New Year’s Eve with Larry Battle and musical partner, Carl Brooks – Scampi’s, S. Padre Island, TX 1997


Performing in 2008

Stay Tuned

Check back here often for Christiane’s future appearances and for updates on her show:

“Around the World with Chanteuse Christiane Joubert”

"When you hear Christiane sing "La Vie en Rose" it's comparable to hearing Edith Piaf."

Marc Laliberte

Owner Vicky's of Santa Fe Indian Wells, CA

"I love listening to Christiane’s voice!"

Nicolas Despras

Owner Lavender Bistro La Quinta, CA

"Christiane is a delightful person with a beautiful voice, amazing range and tone... I just love her!"

Tim Burleson, (the incredible one-man-band!!)

The Nest Indian Wells, CA

"She sure knows how to work a crowd!"

Paul Schaeffer

musician Los Angeles and Palm Springs area

"She's smooth, sensitive and delightful."

Gil Casada

musician (one-man-band) at Augusta Restaurant Palm Desert, CA

“Christiane Joubert brings blues, jazz and pop together into one intoxicating yet fun show. This lady will have you feeling warm and squishy inside with one song and then have you wanting to kick up your heels and join in the chorus with another. She's one of a kind."

South Padre Parade magazine

June 1998 S. Padre Island, TX

Contact Christiane Joubert
72960 Fred Waring Drive, Suite 15
Palm Desert, CA 92260

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